In order for you to add staff do as follows:  

  • Log in to Famly
  • Go to 'Settings' in the menu on the left
  • Click in the Staff box
  • Enter details about the new staff member in the empty fields at the top
  • Click the green 'Add' button when you're done.

You can always see a how-to video by clicking the blue circle with a question mark in the top right corner.

Give The Staff Access

If you want to give the staff member access to Famly, click 'Send Login', select the appropriate role, and click 'Send Invitation'.

You can also control Staff Roles and Permissions from this page via Manage Roles, more on that here:

If you head to their profile page, you can add further details about that staff member i.e. DOB, job title, address, extra notes. If you are on our premium package, you are also able to upload their qualifications and certificates on their profile.

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