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  • Add a child in Famly
  • Import child details via Famly support team

In Famly

In order for you to add a child, please do as follows:  

  • Log in to Famly and click into Setup in the menu on the left
  • Click into Children
  • To create a child, fill in the child details and click Add
    These are just the basic details needed in order to get started. You can always click the child's name which will take you to the full profile of the child.

The child will now appear in your list of children as well as in their designated room.
Clicking Add doesn't mean that the parents get access to Famly - that is something we do manually later in the setup process.

Remember, that you can always come back to this screen and add more children or get an overview of Current Children, Upcoming Children, or Withdrawn Children by using the filters on the left.


Spreadsheets for importing child details

Famly also offer to import certain child data to your new Famly platform. Complete the spreadsheet, return it to and we will import the details for you!

It is important to keep the format as it is presented in the spreadsheet. Otherwise, the Famly platform isn't able to read the details.

  • Do not add children to the sheet that already have been added to Famly
  • No extra comments in the columns
  • M for male and F for female
  • One child for every line. If twins, please use two lines.
  • Valid emails - e.g. - No <> or ""
  • Emails: Only 1 email per cell, and no email without correlating name
  • No salutation before the parent name
  • Birthday in the format Day/Month/Year, e.g. 12/03/2013

Mandatory Details

Full name, gender (m/f), class (only one title), name and email of one parent (without salutation), and the child's birthday is mandatory as this is necessary to create the child's booking pattern.

Optional Details

Details such as start date, end date, second parent, and address are optional. They can always be entered at a later stage.
Start date is simply the day the child started in the nursery. If you leave the box empty, we'll add the date we create the children in Famly.
Type in the end date if you already know when the child will leave the setting. Then, the child will automatically be archived when that day is over.

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