When children are removed from Famly, ie. their leaving date has passed, they are archived so you can go back and find their profile at a later date.

Where to find them?  

When signed in to Famly, click on ‘Apps’ in the menu on the left. Select the app called ‘Lists’ in order for you to find deleted children.  

Create a list of previous children

  • Click on ‘+ Create list’ in the ‘Lists’ app
  • You can filter the children through different parameters in the menu to the left. For now, you only want previous children to be shown. Under Status click on ‘Past’ to select all the previous children. 
  • Deselect the current children from the list by removing the green selection on ‘Current’  
  • Now you have created a list of all the previous children. You can click the names of the children to access their profile.    

Info: If you want to make a child active again, you can get a child back to the class overview by accessing the child's profile and changing the ‘Leaving Date’ to a date sometime in the future. 

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