If you have forgotten your password or wish to change it, you can reset it and create a new one afterwards. 

You can either press the button below or follow this guide. 


Go to the login page, as usual, when you want to access Famly. You must not log in. 

  • Press the circle ‘Add Account’. 
  • Find the question ‘Forgot Your Password?’ and click on it. 
  • Enter the email you usually use to log in to Famly
  • Press the green ‘Reset Password’ button:  

You will receive an email from Famly with a link. Note that emails from Famly can end up in your email account's spam filter.  

  • Open the email and click on the link ‘Click here to reset your password’. If the link does not work, you should copy it from the search field and paste it into another browser (e.g. Google Chrome or Firefox).
  • A new page opens
  • Enter your new password and repeat it to confirm
  • Press ‘Save’ 
  • Now you have changed your password and you will receive an email confirmation that it has been changed
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