To write and send a message to the employees, do as follows:  

  • Log in to Famly
  • Click on the two speech bubbles in the upper right corner of your screen  
  • Click the create message button in the top right
  • Now you have the option to select between different recipients. To write the employees of your child's class, press your child's class for example ‘Elephants’ is Abby's class. Alternatively you can chose individual staff members or parents by clicking on the Staff Room or Parents.
  • Write a message in the white box at the bottom of the page 
  • Finish off by pressing the green Send button. If you want to keep your inbox tidy, you can use Send & archive, and this thread of messages will go to your Archive. 

Info: If you send a message to your child's room, only employees will receive the message. The other parents cannot see this message. Once the employees have read the message, it will be visible to you.

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