In the course of a year, the nursery will set up holiday periods you must reply to in order for the nursery to gain an overview of the child attendance.  

Once the nursery has set up a holiday period, it will be visible to you in the News Feed and on your child's profile. You can freely choose, which of the two options, you want to use when replying to a holiday period:

1. Reply in the News feed

If you want to respond to a holiday period in the News Feed, click on the green button ‘Report Holiday’ in the post. 

2. Reply on your child's profile
If you want to provide your feedback on the child's profile, go to the section on the right with statistics on your child's holiday days and sick days. Find the heading named ‘Holiday Replies’, go to the holiday period and press the ‘Reply’ button next to it.

Regardless of where you choose to reply, the same window will appear:

In the window, you can see the deadline for replying and whether you have provided your feedback yet. To register holiday do as follows: 

  • Mark the days or whole weeks where your child is on holiday 
  • To mark holiday for a full week, click on the question mark next to the week. The question mark will change into a check mark.  
  • To mark individual holiday days, click on the week to unfold the week days. Click on the question mark next to the day you want to mark as a holiday day.  
  • The status of the selected day(s) will change from ‘Not on holiday’ to ‘On holiday’:
  • When you are done registering holiday days, finish off by pressing ‘Send Reply’ at the bottom of the ‘Holiday RSVP’ window.
  • Subsequently, you will see that your feedback is registered both in the post in the News Feed and on the child's profile:
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