In the course of a year, the nursery will invite you to several events, where you must report back, whether you and your child will attend. 

Once the nursery has created an event, it will be visible to you in the Famly Calendar and in the News Feed. You can also see the event in your notifications (the globe in the right-hand upper corner), and you may have been reminded by email.

RSVP on the event

Click on the event, regardless of where you access it -  a link in a reminder email, an event in the calendar or a post in the News Feed.

If you plan to attend:

  • If a registration of how many children and adults attending is required, please fill it in
  • Finish off by pressing ‘Attending’ 

If you do not plan to attend

  • Just ignore a potential registration of the amount of children and adults attending
  • Press ‘Not attending’ 
  • Now your answer is registered. If necessary, you can edit your response until the RSVP deadline, otherwise you can do it until the event takes place. 
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