It may be useful for you to create tags that children and staff can be part of. Tags may be different activity groups such as a football group or a book club. A tag can contain children across the class rooms. The tags make it easy to get an overview and send information to the groups. To create a group, do as follows:

  • Log in to Famly and select the nursery overview in the menu to the left.  
  • At the top, you see different tabs. Click on the tab called ‘Tags’ to the right
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on ‘+ Create new tag
  • A new page opens. Write the name of the tag and finish off by pressing ‘Create
  • Your tag will now be visible in the overview of the ‘Tags’ tab 
  • Click on your newly created tag [placed in the bottom of the overview]
  • You can add children and staff by clicking on ‘+ Select Children’ and/or
    + Select staff’ respectively. 
  • When you for example press ‘+ Select Children’, you can click on the different rooms and select children to join the tag. Finish off by clicking on the green ‘Update Tag’ button. 

Note: In the ‘Details’ section of the child profile, you can see which groups the child is part of. You can also remove the child from the group from their profile. See the article ‘Remove child from tag.

How To Use It

You can now send posts to the tagged children by entering the name of the tag in the recipient field when writing a new post.
You can also create a list with the tagged children by visiting the 'Lists' app.

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