You can add a Payments in 3 ways: via the Revenue and Dept App, via the Child's Invoicing tab or via the Bill Payers invoicing activity.

  • Open the 'Revenue & Debt' app
  • Click 'All Invoicing Activity' in the top bar
  • Look in the upper right corner to find Apply Payment and type in a child's name, an invoice number or a bill payer's name
  • Select the correct bill payer from the list
  • Enter the correct details in the box and finish by clicking Add
  • The payment is now added to the bill payer's account which will lower the outstanding balance for that bill payer.

Alternatively you can add payments from the Invoicing tab of a child's profile by simply clicking +Payment. These payments must be applied to a specific invoice to appear in the Invoicing Activity for that child. 

If you do not apply the payment to a specific invoice it will appear in the Account Activity for the Bill Payer. You can view these payments and add additional payments from the Bill Payer Account page by clicking See Info under the Bill Payers name.

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