Parent Access

To ensure a parent with multiple children has access to the profiles of all their children and not just one, you will need to make sure that the parent(s) have the same email address associated with all their children. Once you send the 'parent' login out from all children's accounts, that parent will be able to login and see all their children. 


Parents with multiple children can receive one invoice with the details of all their children. It only requires that the same bill payer has been added for all the children.

  • Go to the first child's profile and select the 'Invoicing' tab.
  • If no bill payer is added yet, click 'Assign'. 
  • Click 'Add bill payer'.
  • Search the name of the bill payer you want to add. Make sure that 'Bill Payer' is stated below the contact person's name.
  • If the bill payer is already added to the other sibling, please make sure to select the bill payer with the name of the sibling stated.
  • Now go to the profiles of any other siblings and make sure to add the same bill payer.

The children are now gathered under one bill payer, which is clearly stated in 'Batch Invoice' as well as on the invoices.

  • Otherwise, click 'Edit' in the box to the left.
  • If you need to remove a bill payer, click the red minus next to the bill payer's name and confirm.

Please note

If you think you have already linked siblings, but it does not appear correctly, you should remove the bill payer from one (or more) of the siblings and search for the bill payer that is already linked to the other sibling. 

  • Using the example above we are trying to link Bobby and Abby Brown
  • go to Bobby's profile and remove existing bill payer
  • click add new bill payer, use existing and select Steve McQueen Bill Payer for: Abby Brown, add and save
  • Finally you may need to transfer any existing invoices and payments for Bobby to the joint bill payer
  • do this by clicking into the invoices on Bobby's invoicing page, click on the "..." in the top left corner and select transfer
  • next type in the name of the join bill payer, be sure to select the bill payer for both children and transfer
  • by transferring the invoices you are making sure the bill payer balance is correct

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