You’re able to submit when and for how long each child has slept during the day and let the parents see the registration in Famly. You can also perform a sleep check but this will be shared with the parents.

In order to do so, do as follows:

  • Click on a child or multiple children in a class
  • A black menu appears in the right corner of the screen. Select  Status
  • The menu expands and you’ll see a moon icon titled ‘Sleep’. Clicking the sleep status gives you the option to enter how long ago it was since the child was put to down for a nap.
  • If you want to perform a sleep check, just go to the sleep status again and choose Checked now.

When the child wakes up 

The exact same procedure is performed when the child wakes up in order to register the time.

  • Click on a child or multiple children in a class
  • Select ‘Status’ in the side menu and click on ‘Is awake’ 
  • Register for how long the child has been awake. 
  • The sleeping time will be registered beneath the child's picture in the class overview

Info: The parents can see the child's sleeping times in the calendar.  

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