Before you can log into Famly, you must create a personal password. You will have received an email from Famly informing you that you have been given a role in Famly.

  • Go to the email
  • Click on the link ‘create a password’ in the email. 
  • The link takes you to a page from which you can create your password. Enter a password that must contain at least 6 characters, one uppercase and one number.  
  • Repeat the password and enter a four digit pin 
  • Finish off by clicking the ‘Next >>’ button
  • You will automatically be logged into Famly
  • Now you have created a password and a pin that will allow you to log into Famly

How to log into Famly

When you want to log into the platform, you have several options; computer, iPad or tablet, or smartphone. 

Log in with computer:

  • Open your internet browser and enter in the address bar
  • Select ‘LOGIN’ in the upper right corner
  • A new page opens, and you can enter your email and newly created password 
  • Finish off by pressing the green ‘Log in’ button
  • Note: If you don't have the option to enter email and password on your device, click on ‘Add account’. 

Log in with iPad/tablet:

  • Start by downloading Famly app from app store. There is an app for both iPhone and Android users.
    - On iPad (Apple device) search for ‘Famly App’ in App Store.
    - On tablet (Android device) search for ‘Famly’ in Google Play. 
  • Subsequently, you can log in with your email and newly created password and pin
  • Note: Prospectively, you can simply log in by clicking your circular profile picture and enter your pin.

Log in with smartphone:

  • Start by downloading the Famly app from app store. There is an app for both iPhone and Android users.  
  • iPhone users can find the app in App Store by searching for ‘Famly App’.  
  • Android users can find the app in Google Play by searching for ‘Famly’. 
  • When you open the app for the first time, you will be asked to enter your email and your personal password.  

I have previously been logged in on the device
If you previously have been logged in on a device, you will see your circular profile picture.   

  • Click on the profile picture and enter your four digit pin 
  • Now you are logged in 
  • Note: If any of your colleagues have logged in on the same device, you will also see their profile picture.  

Forgotten your password?
If you have forgotten your password, you can always click on ‘Forgot Your Password?’ beneath the login area. When you click here, you will receive an email with a link enabling you to enter a new personal password.  
Alternatively, go to the article Forgotten password

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