Creating a plan for each child is crucial to generating your register, invoices for the parents, and your revenue and occupancy reports.
The plan is the weekly pattern in which the child attends the setting.

When you want to set up a plan, you always need to start by completing the boxes in the top bar starting from the left.

Plan Period

Select the start day of the plan. That should be the very first day that the child attends. It is optional to add an end date but it can be useful if a child is only in the setting for a short period of time. Remember that if you set an end date, the child will not show up in your register and reports after that day.

Pricing Group

Selecting a pricing group is necessary in order to help Famly find the right prices for the right session. For example, you may charge more for babies than you do for pre-schoolers. * If you have set up Automatic Rules, just select 'Auto'.

Invoicing Profile

Choose the correct invoicing profile to ensure this child is on the correct attendance schedule, and the correct method of billing.

Choosing annualised as your invoicing method will create a fixed price for the plan. This means the parents will be charged the same every month unless extra sessions are added, or sessions are changed mid-month.

The fixed price is calculated by multiplying the weekly price of the plan by the number of weeks and dividing it by 12 months.


Leave notes about the child's plan. For example you might want to note why a discount is added or how the public funding is calculated. This is not visible to the parents.


Always remember to press 'Save' when you are done creating or editing a plan.

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