Below the graph, buttons give you an overview of the amount of children and/or employees registered in the nursery and their current status. 

The buttons show (see below, left to right):

  • the total amount of children and employees registered in the nursery 
  • how many children are present (checkmark) 
  • how many children are on the holiday (sun)
  • how many children are reported sick (thermometer)
  • how many children are asleep (moon)
  • how many children are on trip (tree)
  • how many employees have stayed at home due to a sick child (baby and thermometer)
  • how many employees are in work, but in a meeting (calendar)

Extra info: 

  • By clicking on the individual buttons you can find out who is in each category
  • If you and your staff do not use the "Sleep" function, you will not see the moon button. 
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